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Disasters affect millions of people each year. They can be devastating to a community, destroying many homes and businesses. Disaster response is the second phase of disaster management.

When a disaster strikes, it’s important to outline a cohesive plan in order to stabilize the situation as possible, without causing more harm. Our team is equipped for all hazards and help people get back on their feet after their lives are disrupted.

We employ a team that takes all safety measures necessary to help you in your time of need. Disasters are devastating to those involved and we try to work quickly to help repair damages and have a fresh start.



One of the first things property owners worry about after an earthquake is if their home is stable, but other effects will likely occur. The trembling and shaking of a building can cause broken pipes or damaged power lines, as well as collapsed ceilings. Our disaster response team can handle any damage an earthquake might cause.


Toronto doesn’t really have a “stormy” season, but we are not immune to “wildfire” season. The most common damage to a home, even if it isn’t actually burned, is smoke damage. Once smoke, especially from a wildfire, enters the home, it’s nearly impossible to contain the damage to a single area. Smoke will travel through your home’s air ducts, requiring a whole-house approach to smoke removal, from the buildup of caustic soot to the elimination of smoke odor.



Our beautiful landscape of hills and valleys hide a terrible tendency. Our California soil has a tendency towards mudslides and landslides. The sudden onslaught of thousands or millions of tons of dirt can easily destroy a building. Those left standing will need a full-service disaster response team to salvage what remains. Restorerz – Emergency Services has a crew ready to help if that tragedy occurs.

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