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One of the most devastating events to a home is water damage and what it does to a property. That’s why having a highly trusted and professional water damage repair team in Toronto, ON, is integral. In LA, Restorerz – Emergency Services is that team. We offer highly reputable water damage restoration services in Toronto and the surrounding area. If your home or property is experiencing flooding or incurring excess water from any source, such as a burst pipe, we encourage you to contact our licensed and top-rated team to help mitigate, repair, and restore the structural damage that water causes.


An inspection by a professional is a priority. Certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC), Restorerz – Emergency

Logo of the Emergency Restoration Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Certification (IICRC), featuring a stylized green globe pattern and the organization's name in grey and green text.

Services water damage restoration specialists will visit your home to review the extent of the water damage and offer solutions. They will provide answers with carefully planned steps to prevent additional damage and start the restoration and the clean up of your home or property efficiently and effectively.We have all the knowledge and the tools to restore your house back into a hazard-free, clean and inhabitable space in compliance with the required health codes and environmental laws. Don’t wait! Take action and contact us at Restorerz – Emergency Services, as quickly as possible

“Great service. Very knowledgeable and attentive staff. We needed an urgent job and they did amazing work. Highly recommend.”
Two large blue industrial fans on a spattered white floor, aimed at drying the area as part of an emergency restoration. One fan is in the foreground connected by a black power cable.


Toronto home and property owners must use urgency before it leads to bigger issues, such as mold and bacteria due to the flooding water staying longer inside the property. Additionally, water can damage the walls, the wooden floors, the heating, and air conditioning system; it can ruin carpets, and furniture. Professional equipment is required to pump and empty the water from your residence.

Unsanitary water, burst pipes, the washing machine, or natural events and disasters such as excessive rainfall contribute to water finding its way into your residence and flooding the interior, causing major damage. The longer it stays untreated, the bigger the damage and after-effects such as mold, bacteria, health hazards, diseases, and of course, the destruction of personal items.

The first thing you should do is contact our professional water damage repair and restoration team at Restorerz – Emergency Services to arrive at your place and start the recovery, clean up process, and start restoring things as soon as possible. But there are important steps you can take while a professional restoration crew is heading your way.


As our certified team of experts arrives, we will evaluate the type and the size of the damage and start the removal of water using the latest, most effective tools and techniques, therefore speeding up the process while handling everything with the care and attention required after such disastrous events. With large, industrial fans to wet and dry vacuums, powerful pumps, and other state-of-the-art machinery, we dry the interior and the carpets.Carpeting, pads, and items soaked and damaged by water will be removed quickly to prevent and reduce the damage to deeper surfaces and other items inside the property.

A cluttered room undergoing emergency restoration with scattered tools and materials, a dusty floor protector, and a built-in cabinet facing large windows with a view outside.

Additionally, we will remove and distance the furniture and other personal items from the house and affected areas. Books, lamps, home décor, artwork, frames, photos, gadgets, and home electronics and more will be removed and stored in a safe and dry place.

Do you need the assistance of our water damage restoration team in Toronto? We’re always just a call away. You can trust our team to work quickly and efficiently to properly assess, mitigate, and resolve any water damage that has occurred or is currently occurring in your home or business.

Please call us now, and we’ll act immediately to handle your water damage restoration needs.



As our certified team identifies the source of the water damage, we immediately begin planning for a prompt and constructive resolution. We have seen a wide variety of these cases and have the confidence to approach each unique and challenging case with all the experience we bring to the job. The restoration begins.

Our specialists will pinpoint the source and the type of water damage and perform a complete moisture detection process utilizing the latest equipment. As we assess the damage, we give you suggestions on how we can address the specific case and get to work.

Then, our team will start to collect your belongings and everything that can and should be saved, and move them out of the wet areas. If necessary, we will pack out and


A garage under emergency restoration with a water damage restoration air mover and dehumidifier on the floor, plastic sheeting dividing the space, and exposed wooden beams on one wall.

facility. Then, we’ll start drying of the affected areas. The source and the type of water damage will be identified and fixed by our expert Restorerz – Emergency Services team.

Using moisture-detection tools such as a Thermo-Hygrometer, our Restorerz – Emergency Services water damage repair crew will clean and dry the flooded areas quickly and efficiently in order to save your belongings and other parts of the property from further damage and to start repairing and restoring the areas damaged by water.

Dehumidification and ventilation begin to prevent and reverse the growth of mold, hazardous bacteria, and additional water damage. Once the damaged areas have been dried, properly ventilated and cleaned, our experts will start another inspection process to make sure every necessary step was taken to restore and return your home back to a safe and inhabitable space.

This crucial and most important step, the restoration process is where our Restorerz – Emergency Services crew takes care of everything: replacing the drywall, the insulation, installing panels and walls, and more, to fix and rehabilitate a property damaged by water. From flooding and natural events to old and bursting pipes, overflowing toilet tanks, a broken dishwasher, or unclean, unsanitary water, the certified and capable team at Restorerz – Emergency Services is ready to get to work and do it correctly.

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